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Aren’t Humans Great?

I’m assuming you’re human, right? If you are, you should be ashamed in yourself for all that you’ve done. You’ve killed so many animals and possibly humans for no reason (well you contributed to human’s death). Doesn’t matter, you’ve done horribly things. What things you may ask? Pollution is the biggest problem you’ve helped with. I know it’s not shocking about pollution, but it’s a serious problem, and you sure haven’t helped with fixing the problem. You do nothing, but go about your life without a worry in the world. It doesn’t matter that you recycle, drive economically friendly cars (which still pollute a lot, just making the damn thing), use biodegradable bags, picking up trash and throwing it away when you see it. All these things don’t matter and never will. The main problem is just you being alive. Yep, that’s right, and I’m not saying just go jump off a cliff. All I’m saying is that humans can’t live the way we do, without destroying nature. Just you eating that delicious burger is pollution. “How?” you ask. Well to make the burger a cow had to be farmed. Throughout the cows life it flatulence (which means it farted). “How can a cow farting be pollution?” you ask. Methane is the simple reason. “But I didn’t make the burger or farmed the cow” you say. Doesn’t matter, its people like you that keep buying burgers, and what keeps them in production. It’s not a big deal though. I admit to indulging in a tasty burger once in a while. Besides the burger is not my point. My point is that no matter what you do just living in today’s society you will contribute to the destruction of humans and other animals. “Well tell me what I can do to help” you say. Nothing, nothing at all can fix the problems, at least realistically. Just trying to be more environmentally friendly is just prolonging our suffering. If you really want to help though just stop reproducing and let humans fade out of existence.

Over the years we’ve witnessed some horrible things that humans do, and we can witness it almost everywhere, the news, reading on the paper, and especially on the internet. Seriously, do you know what humans are capable of? Humans do some pretty revolting stuff, as for cases of, war, rape, killing their own kind over petty reasons, necrophilia, and torture just for fun, and so much more that would require for me to go into detail just for you to realize how gruesome humans are. Just recently in the news parents killing their own children. Some of these things can be seen throughout the animal kingdom, but nothing like the way humans do it. For example: war. Ants can go to war with other colonies of ants.  When two colonies of ants try to claim the same territory the colonies will clash. Rape has been documented throughout the animal kingdom. It’s actually kind of common, but it doesn’t make it right among humans. The reasoning being is that humans know it’s wrong but we continue to do it. I know it’s difficult to say what’s right and what’s wrong. The cause of something being wrong is that it is not socially acceptable. Societies have the say in what’s right and wrong. In different cultures genital mutilation is okay, and in America it’s heavily punishable. Another touchy subject is the age of consent. Age of consent varies greatly among the countries, for example the age of consent in China is fourteen, while in Canada it’s sixteen and the US is 18.  So my point is, we decide what’s wrong and right.  We overall have adopted good rules as some other examples, don’t let your baby have a gun, don’t drink and drive, and don’t target practice with live human targets (or dead human targets, unless you really want to. I don’t judge your life style).

I mentioned that we all can stop reproducing and just let humans fade out of existence. Well there’s a movement that believes we should do just that, and they’re called the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement. The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, is a movement that cares about life on this planet, and they claim to not be misanthropes. Some of you may think it’s a ridiculous idea, and think humans are too amazing just stop right now, and forget about all the hard work we’ve put into building a civilization this complex. You may be right, but don’t count on it. The way civilization is built today, we may have only a slim chance of saving ourselves from extinction. Humans will never fully cooperate to clean our mess in time before it gets to late. So is the VHEMT (Voluntary Human Extinction Movement) right? Once again it’s more of a matter of an opinion and there’s no way to tell what will be the better decision. We just don’t know the outcome for our future, but we do have a pretty good guess. It’ll be crazy temperatures, crazy weather events, droughts, and the loss of important species. Humans are resilient, more then I give them credit for sometimes. But can we really make it through the troubles we’ve made, are we going to go extinct?

We know humans are in trouble, but what will be the last nail in the coffin? It’ll more likely be anthropogenic (which is extinction from human doing). Nuclear disasters can be it, so can diseases, maybe even hunger, what about meteor, maybe even zombies. Nuclear disasters seem highly plausible, and there have been plenty of accidents with it. As for case in point the Chernobyl accident. It was the largest nuclear accident ever and caused an entire city to be evacuated, and killing thousands of people in the process. And accidents like this have happen multiple times. What if we accidentally drop a colossal nuke? It could make an entire state maybe even a country inhabitable. Or an officer goes rouge and launches a nuke. There’s too many possibilities that could happen that could wipe out millions of people in a short span. Hunger could happen quickly also, and the average human can only go about a month with no food. Famines happen all the time throughout history; there’s already a billion people starving. I live in California and could use the Central Valley as a prime example. It was once a thriving farming community that had the finest soil and now what did humans do? They built thousands of homes and on the richest soil in world. Why would people do this? Economic growth? We will starve to death with continuing this kind of thinking. Did you know that California used to be wetlands but now we are in a severe drought that started in 1991? This is due to human intervention with the dams that they have built and obstructed the natural flow of our ecosystem. What about those amazing viruses? They seem to do a good job at killing people. What can they do to help kill off the human race? For one they’re experts at causing mass causalities for humans, and they’ve done it multiple times before. Ebola is not one of those viruses. Stop the panicking if you are panicking about Ebola. It is a virus with devastating symptoms, but that doesn’t mean flip out. Most of us know about the bubonic plague, smallpox, and Spanish flu, and how many people they have killed. So it’s entirely possible it could happen again.

I guess everything I’ve told you is pointless. Humans more than likely won’t be gone until the last fish has been fished, the last apple picked from an apple tree, the last cow slaughtered, the last drop of water consumed. Once all this has happened then we’ll finally notice that we are a parasite. Just like a parasite, they can be removed and the host will return to perfect health. The whole point of this paper (I don’t know what to call it at the moment) is to put maybe a little perspective to what humans are. Just disgusting, vial, revolting creatures, to nature standards. I may seem like a misanthrope, but I try to enjoy what humans are, and we can be amazing. That doesn’t mean we aren’t horrible on many levels. With many thoughts of my own family, as I am sure of yours, people individually can have many amazing qualities but as a whole we are destroying our only home. So if I had to summarize this post in one sentence, I guess what I am saying we need to know what humans are and accept it. We mind as well ride out our existence to the ending until there isn’t anything left for us. We just simply cannot live without taking more than we need. So why not just go with it? Do you actually think humans stand a chance? If you think my logic is completely wrong why not tell me why you think. Do you think humans can cooperate with each other on a global scale? Call me a pessimist, but I don’t think we are capable of such an amazing thing. Look at our governments, look at the United States presidential candidates for such examples.  If you think you can make a difference in the world for the better, good for you, go on a head and do it, but personally I think it’s a waste of time. If you read this far, quick question, why? And can you tell me the whole point of this post? Because honestly I felt there wasn’t one. All I did was rant, but tried to keep it somewhat analytical. In conclusion… there’s none, I just hoped it made you think a bit, and if you didn’t gain anything sorry, not sorry, and if you did I’m glad. This is just something weighing on me heavily.